Santo Stefano Selection

Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano Selection

From 11,12 (HRK83,78)

Curiosity drives us - we are not afraid to experiment to bring you new dimensions of gastronomic hedonism. Our signature blend is a captivating combination of three olive oil varieties grown in Istrian soils. The richness and harmony of flavours makes this extra virgin olive oil not one to be missed.

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Santo Stefano Selection
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11,12 (HRK83,78)

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This skilfully crafted blend is a labour of love. To create it we spent countless days perfecting the art of blending, working closely with local producers to source the finest olives grown and harvested here in Istria. It’s our take on artisan olive oil – a product that combines our passion for Istria and desire to explore new possibilities.

Created for master chefs and home cooks alike, this oil guarantees to enhance the flavour of nearly any dish. It’s as versatile as it’s complex; its aroma is a gorgeous blend of fruity, grassy and spicy notes with a buttery finish. Expertly blended and carefully cold-pressed, the oil has a gentle flavour with timid hints of citrusy zestiness. Splash it, sprinkle it, pour it, love it.

STYLE: Medium.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: The sweet aroma of Belica olives meets the creamy butteriness of olive oil.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Eggs and omelettes, fish and poultry, summer salads, pasta dishes, truffles and artisan breads.

“We wanted to make olive oil that encapsulates the spirit of Istria.” The idea of Santo Stefano was born in the hilltop village of Sovinjak, in Istria. Respecting our land’s rich history, we started Santo Stefano - a premium olive oil that embodies the spirit of this region, warm, welcoming and passionate - with an almost seductive quality. FROM ANCIENT ROME TO MODERN GROVES Around 40 AD, the Roman poet Marcus Valerius Martialis described his native Cordoba as “perfect as Istrian oil in an amphora.” Renewed for its quality, Istria’s olive oil was exported throughout the Roman Empire and was known as the ‘elixir of life or ‘liquid gold’. While all roads lead to Rome, it is our love and respect for Istria that inspired us to create our signature Santo Stefano extra-virgin olive oil. TRUE TO OUR LAND Istria: A place like no other Among the hills of Sovinjak in the heart of Istria, one of the best olive oil regions in the world, the idea of Santo Stefano was born – a premium olive oil that encapsulates the spirit of this region, warm, welcoming, and passionate – with an almost seductive quality. The Santo Stefano story is inspired by our desire to take these characteristics and bottle them. Our vision is to produce organic olive oil as rich and unique as the sun-filled landscapes from whence it came. Try it, and experience for yourself Santo Stefano’s passion for Istria. THE SPIRIT OF SANTO STEFANO The people of Istria have always lived in harmony with nature. Our extra-virgin Istrian olive oil represents this distinctive way of life, rooted in centuries of history. We named our oil after the church of St. Stephen in Sovinjsko Polje, a symbol of the long-standing relationship between man and their natural environment. It’s this passion, this deep connection with the land where we work and grow our olives that brings a dash of authenticity to every bottle.

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What sets our story apart from others that adore Istria as we do is that we really know how to bring her closer to you. Through Terramagica our mission is to give you the best from Istria, with the best possible conditions. This is not just fantastic products, but - an overall experience!

Through stories we tell and the service we provide, you can experience Istria wherever you’re staying:  whether it’s in your favorite villa located by the sea, in a hidden corner of the forest overlooking the endless vineyards, or on a yacht anchored in a marina in your favorite Istrian town. 

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Cijena je prikazana prema fiksnom tečaju konverzije 1 Euro = 7.53450 kn

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