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Blend of three olive varieties very common in Istria – Bjelica and Karbonaca, native Istrian varieties, and the widely spread Tuscan Leccino.

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MLVN Blend

Blend of three olive varieties very common in Istria – Bjelica and Karbonaca, native Istrian varieties, and the widely spread Tuscan Leccino.

Bjelica is recognizable by its fresh scent of green olive fruit, Karbonaca produces moderately intense olive oil with a pleasantly rounded aroma of green herbs, and Leccino also has a fruity and elegant scent with a pleasant bitterness and spiciness. The oil has a fresh, green, and elegant aroma on the nose, with a pleasantly pronounced fruitiness of yellow apple. In the mouth, there's pronounced bitterness and spiciness accompanied by the taste of yellow apple and a lingering taste of yellow banana. These three olive
varieties create the perfect combination in this blend.

Recommended pairings: with various grilled fish dishes and, of course, with a "medium" cooked steak.

Our story started quite by chance. But nothing about our olive oil is by chance. At first, we fell in love with this area, Veli Mlun and its surroundings, without any excessive plans we bought our first olive grove in 2016. Our only plan was, as in everything else, to do what we do passionately, to do what makes us happy and to pass that joy on to others. We have never planned to create a large production of olive oil.

Our plan was and remains to create something special and of high quality, and to enjoy the process of creation. We hope you will enjoy with us. Veli Mlun is a small village in Istria located on a hill under which the Mirna River stretches in all its beauty. The wonderful oasis of green and winding river in the lowlands does not allow travellers to look up at the surrounding hills, but when they do so and climb up the hill to Veli Mlun, they discover landscape that leaves them breathless. And still, after so many years, it leaves us breathless every day. Small glades covered with olive groves and vineyards are a sign that there is a lot of life in this seemingly sleepy place.

With the height of the highest point of Veli Mlun at 225 m above sea level, this is a truly unique area and one of the northernmost and highest points in Istria where olive trees flourish. This, in combination with the specific soil,  constant care of olives, cultivation and maintenance of olive groves in accordance with the highest standards, makes our oils of high quality and special, the proof of which are numerous awards and recognitions acquired at famous national and international competitions.

Our story

There are no boundaries for us!

What sets our story apart from others that adore Istria as we do is that we really know how to bring her closer to you. Through Terramagica our mission is to give you the best from Istria, with the best possible conditions. This is not just fantastic products, but - an overall experience!

Through stories we tell and the service we provide, you can experience Istria wherever you’re staying:  whether it’s in your favorite villa located by the sea, in a hidden corner of the forest overlooking the endless vineyards, or on a yacht anchored in a marina in your favorite Istrian town. 

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