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Organic extra virgin olive oil. Dedicated to those who love cooking. A fresh medium fruity, delicate green scent.

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Dedicated to those who love cooking, and with a fresh medium fruity, delicate green scent. With this oil, the delicate hues of almond, green banana, and aromatic herbs will take you on a variegated sensorial journey. The initial light and gentle flavor is followed by a taste of bitterness caressed by heavenly touches of spiciness in a harmonious balance.
Notes of artichoke, black pepper, almond, and walnut hull linger on the palate, wheedled by faint hints of aromatic herbs.

Skillfully blended with an elegant and delicate aromatic fragrance. Suited to emphazise the quality of both cooked and raw food. Ideal for enhancing creativity in the kitchen.

  • Variety: Istrian bjelica, Leccino, Frantoio, Crnica and Bugla
  • Ecologically produced
  • Category: medium fruity
  • Position: Karigador (Brtonigla) and Zambratija (Savudrija)
  • Pairing: meat, sauces, fish stock, sautéed vegetables, grilled vegetables, roasts, savoury pastries, as a salad condiment

At the age of 75 and on the threshold of the new millennium, Mate Vekić bedded his first olive tree in the ground of his beloved Istria and built his mill which now stands above the coast overlooking the Adriatic sea. Every year since then, the careful hand-picking of olives and the milling in real-time, produces an extraordinary oil. He planted varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino – being the only varieties available in large quantities at that time. More recently, given the significant recovery of areas dedicated to olive cultivation, Mate turned his attention to ancient native varieties such as Busa (Buža), Bianchera (Istarska Bjelica), and Carbonazza (Karbonaca). The company is located in Zambratija, and its philosophy is based on deep respect for nature and the environment. They consciously strive to obtain a perfect balance between the requirements of the plants and the potential of the terrain in order to produce only the highest quality olive oil. The mill is equipped with the most technically advanced machinery allowing the quality of the oil obtained from the plants and extracted from the olives to remain unaltered. The olives that are hand-picked during the day will have been turned into oil by evening. Organic extra virgin olive oil by Mate Oil is the most eloquent and pure expression of what is natural, which beholds supreme excellence and the age-old culture of oil, obtained only by the pressing of lovingly hand-picked olives. Mate's trees are tended to by experienced olive growers and cultivators using traditional methods alongside modern technology. Mate Oil is founded on a realistic concept using simple and well-balanced principles that are very much in tune with the times. The favorable climatic and environmental conditions as well as the proximity of the orchards to the sea give life to a unique product that is marked by its originality and history and one that boasts rich aromas and flavors bestowed to it by the Istrian territory.

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What sets our story apart from others that adore Istria as we do is that we really know how to bring her closer to you. Through Terramagica our mission is to give you the best from Istria, with the best possible conditions. This is not just fantastic products, but - an overall experience!

Through stories we tell and the service we provide, you can experience Istria wherever you’re staying:  whether it’s in your favorite villa located by the sea, in a hidden corner of the forest overlooking the endless vineyards, or on a yacht anchored in a marina in your favorite Istrian town. 

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