Green Istria

The Four Soils of Istria


To make it easier to visualize the size of Istria, we can compare it with cities like London, Rome, or Paris. But the comparison doesn’t have to stop only on the surface. Because as many pubs there are in London, fountains in Rome, and museums in Paris, so many are various natural resources in Istria. And they have only recently been discovered.

One of these natural resources is the soil. In Istria, there are four types. Each type has been named according to its color - red, black, white, and gray - and at some places, all four types can be found in a small area, which has been recognized as a worldwide phenomenon.

When visiting central Istria, you are entering Gray Istria, a flysch area built of marl. Just a few kilometers away is Black Istria with the most fertile land, rich in humus. When you go to the beach on the west coast, Red Istria or Terra Rosa awaits you, which consists of clay, sand, and dust particles. Lopes of Učka and the eastern part of the peninsula are called White Istria due to the rocky soil. 

Of course, except for color, each soil type differs in numerous properties that make them suitable for growing different agricultural crops. And not only that: different soil, under the same conditions, will give you a completely different version of the same crop.

Four wines of Brtonigla

A little town of Brtonigla, blessed with all fours types of Istrian soil on an area of ​​just under 33 square kilometers - exploited this unique potential. when it planted Istrian Malvasia in the surrounding vineyards. This wine variety has been planted in Istria since the 13th century, and in the 21st, Brtonigla planted it on all four types of soil, at the same time. We could write a book about the results of this experiment and the four wines of Brtonigla - they are so amazing. Rather come and see for yourself, try it, enjoy it…

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